Vertical type: PM series

Vertical type: PM series PM150/PM250/PM250-5X Ultra-compact milling center with a width of 600mm (PM150) Patented structure that minimizes the overhang of the spindle and slide Various loaders available for easy automation

Development story

Hasegawa Machinery, since its establishment in 1928, has been manufacturing not only lathes but also milling machines.
Rather than offering various sizes, they have focused on specialized small-scale machining equipment.
The success of the compact lathe series, known as the P-Series, drew attention to compact machining equipment, leading them to initiate the development of machining centers.
Collaborating with institutions like the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research and the University of Tokyo, they conducted extensive machining analysis, resulting in the creation of the PM-Series.

The key features of this machine include:
A patented structure that minimizes overhang of the main axis and reduces the width.
Fully in-house produced double-sided restrained main spindles capable of operating at standard 30,000min-1 and achieving high-speed 0.1μ control.
Flexibility in automation and the ability to build production lines with lathes from the same manufacturer.

This machining center garnered attention not only for its use in automated industries like automotive parts but also for its individual use, particularly among Switzerland's high-end watch and medical device manufacturers.
In Switzerland, where land prices are high, productivity per unit of land is greatly valued.

The compact and high-precision machining centers align perfectly with the Swiss market, and HASEGAWA's name became recognized within this niche industry.
For over a decade, HASEGAWA has been regularly exhibiting at EPHJ-EPMT-SMT in Switzerland.



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