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HASEGAWA presents a variable gang type (3 to 6 inch chuck) and some turret type NC lathes. Compact NC lathes corresponding to a highly accurate processing have been manufactured by uniting accumulated knowledge with state-o-art technology. We will consistently develop new machines while researching higher accuracy system and more compact dimensions.

NC Lathe 3~4 inch Chuck

Compact Gang Type P Series

A compact body, with short distance between processes, greatly contributes to shorten the production line with high manufacturing efficiency. For small precision part processing equipment such as IT and automobile parts, they are the definitive micro machine models.


P15 / P25

P15 is width of only 550 millimeters, and this is a standard high utility micromachine model.
P25 is attachable High stiffness specifications to 6 inches chuck.

Detail | P15


PW15 / PW25

Ultra compact parallel dual spindles machine makes Two processing with minimum space


NC Lathe 5 inch Chuck

Gang Type J Series

This is a small, precision NC lathe applicable to a wide range of processes from mirror surfacing of aluminum to finishing hardened steel. Many unique techologies are used such as a dual V type slide that maintains long term constant processing accuracy, symmetric structure preventing heat displacement, etc.



A small, cost effective, high accuracy lathe.

Detail | J24

Outline This is a parallel dual spindle machine for processing top and back simultaneously.

Turret Type C Series

This is a small NC lathe that has both the accuracy of gang type and the convenience of turret type that overturns the image of the usual turret lathe type.



This is equipped with an 8 corner turret. A tailstock can also be installed.

Detail | C24

NC Lathes with 6 Inch Chuck

Gang Type H Series

This is a gang type NC lathe that can install a lot of blade bits due to its wide stroke. High speed performance is available compared to other conventional gang type lathes. To maintain high accuracy, heat is sufficiently radiated. Tool indexing is unnecessary, greatly shortening the processing time compared to the turret type. (Standard main axis: 6000min-1/fast-forwarding speed: 30m/min)


H30 / H40

A high-speed tooling is achieved by the X/Z 300mm stroke.

Detail | H30

Turning Centers TZ Series

The turning center is a new concept independently setting the X axis slide on the main axis side. Wide tooling area (X axis) allows a flexible tool layout and work can be easily detached without interfering with other parts. Moreover, due to its rigid structure, highly accurate processing is possible in compact machine dimensions.



24 tools can be set on the 12 corner turret. It has X/Z 250mm wide stroke.

Detail | TZ25


Turning Centers H-M Series

The H30M is high precision Turnin-center that is equiped 8 stations milling turret and gang tool post in one machine. the gang tool post can be use for special unit such a slotting, whirling, or others for multiple processing by one setup.



Live Tool can be roated 10,000 min-1 on 8 stations turret

Detail | H30M

Special features of NC lathes of HASEGAWA

  • Accuracy of finishing is said to decrease five years after installation. However, our machine maintains finishing beyond ten years.
  • Rigidity and maintainability exist in a compact size owing to fundamental restructuring.
  • It does various processing from highly accurate aluminum thin metal processing to hard turning.
  • A superior sliding structure is used. (A variable main axis is also available.)
  • A high grade cast metal that absorbs vibration and prevents distortion is used.

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