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HASEGAWA Inc. recognizes its social responsibility concerning the protection of all individual's information, observes privacy related regulations and protects individual's rights.
Moreover, we have established a compliance program in order to embody the following policies. We declare that we keep abreast of the continual improvements in the protection of individuals' information's rights recognizing the latest trends in information technology, change in social requirements, the change in business environment.

1. Observance of laws and regulations concerning individual information

This site observes the laws and the guidelines included in Personal Information Protection Law. We take care of the customer's individual information.

2. Collection of individual information

When individual information is collected from the customer, this site collects that information by proper, fair methods. Moreover, the collection purpose is clarified, and individual information is collected only within the narrowest limits to accomplish the stated objective.

3. Use of individual information

This site uses customer's individual information only within the limits of the stated purpose. Moreover, individual information kept by the re-consignment is used only within the limits of the stated purpose and for the duration of the contract. B

4. Offer of individual information to a third party

The customer's individual information is never offered to a third party without the customer's prior approval excluding the cases selected on strict examination of a consignment company's stated management of customer information. However, the aforementioned policy will cease to apply when cooperation with an official body (police, court, etc.) is demanded.

5. Management of individual information

This website takes reasonable security measures and applies management resources to maintaining and improving the individual information security system to prevent risk of illegal computer access, the loss, destruction, falsification, or the leakage of individual information.

6. Indication, correction, and deletion of individual information

This website will correspond promptly within a reasonable limits when the customer requests disclosure, correction or deletion, etc. concerning customer's individual information. Please contact the individual information inquiry department on this website.

7. Individual information protection system

Persons in charge of education, consultation and document management are appointed by the individual information manager to execute strict management of individual information.

【Inquiry Office】
Inquiries concerning customer's individual information is accepted at the following department.

Management Department, Hasegawa Machine work Co.,Ltd.

〒337-0053 1-602 Owada-cho, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken
TEL:048-683-5061 (Main) FAX:048-685-6823
Business Hours: 8:30~17:00(Closed: Sat, Sun, Holidays)

※Inquiry outside business hours will be responded after two business days.

Toru Hasegawa
April, 2008


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