Typical questions from customers and their answers are below.

Q1. What are the special characteristics of HASEGAWA's NC lathes?

A.The main features of our NC lathes are categorized in the table shown below.
For details of each product, please refer to the answer of Q3.

Special features of NC lathes that Hasegawa manufactures

SIZE 3 to 6 inch chuck
Structure Main shaft fixed gang type and turret type
Application Best suited to finishing of small and precision parts
Special features
  • ?ompact design to minimize installation space.
  • Flexibility for combination with various automation devices.
  • A structure with easy maintenance.

Q2 Please explain the differences between gang type and turret type.

A.The planing bits are arranged in parallel as on a comb type NC lathe. Because the bits are fixed on the lateral feed stand, bit position indexing can be made only to transfer the feed stand. High speed position indexing is possible and the tool index time is also short due to its being configured with rectangularly coordinated dual shafts. The comb type NC lathe is suited to high accuracy processing.
In the case of turret type NC lathe, the planing bits are radially arranged on a cylindrical tube. Because it is possible to set a lot of bits in a limited space, multiple processes can be run by one lathe. Moreover, production preparation is easy because a bit can be replaced easily. This machine structure has the advantage of no bit interference, easy processing layout setting, and easy cutting waste removal.

Q3. What kind of NC lathe do you handle?

A.We develop and manufacture various NC lathes. The following table explains each series. Please refer to their characteristics when selecting your desired model.

P Series They are micro NC lathes that are delivered in various industries including IT and the automobile parts industries. By minimizing lathe width, the work transportation distance is reduced to a minimum for automatic line production. So idle time can be reduced. The machine is constructed not only to miniaturize but also to rigidify and improve maintainability.
J Series They are high cost efficient, accurate and durabile gang type NC lathes. A dual V-type slide is used, symmetric structure for preventing uneven heat distribution if given, and cast iron (Meehanite) for distortion prevention and vibration absorption is used. They correspond to a wide-range of processing from highly accurate thin processing to a hard turning.
C Series ?his NC lathe breaks the conventional idea that a turret lathe cannot process accurately by applying J Series' technologies. In order to provide a lathe that can use a lot of blade bits, and in order to provide gang type accuracy, the milling function is removed. Multiple tools can be used.
H Series ?his is a high performance gang type NC lathe, having high speed and high accuracy for future complex processing. Multiple milling units can be installed in the tooling area where a number of blade bits equivalent that of the turret type. This shortens the blade bit index time to that of the turret lathe type. A fast-forward speed has been achieved equivalent that of the gang type lathe.
TZ Series ?his is an advanced technology applying small turning center. A wide tooling area is obtained by sliding the main shaft in the x axis direction. It has high rigidity and compactness. Moreover, because the main shaft is retreated from the processing area, flexible tool layout and smooth work detachment without interference with other areas are achieved. Because a twin servo drive structure is used in the Y axis, highly accurate and complicated processing can be achieved.

Q4. What types of machining centers are available?

A.Our company develops and manufactures various machining centers.
For instance, "V3" is a vertical column traverse type machining center with easy handling. A highly accurate dual fixed surface is used equipped with 12 (20 as an option) ATCs. The HMC-V2 is a table transfer type NC lathe with two selectable main shaft heads.
For details, refer to theMachining centers page or contact us via Inquiry page.

Q5. Please let us know about the Hasegawa Inc.

A.HASEGAWA Inc. is a special small machine tool manufacturer with both lathe and milling machine lineups. NC lathes and the machining centers, etc. get high appraisal from optic manufacturers where highly accurate processing is needed. Moreover, in recent years, a large volume of orders has come from the automobile parts production field. Our machine lineup includes not only down sizing solutions. As we design models to suit customer needs, our products can be expected to further improve production efficiency.

Q6. Can you customize the standard model in order to meet customer demand?

A.Our company customizes standard NC lathe or machining centers to suit to customer demand. In addition to customer oriented improvement and adjustment, increased production efficiency and cost reduction are also possible. A part of the customized examples are introduced in our Customizepage. For details, please feel free to ask us.


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