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HASEGAWA can customize the standard machine to incorporate customer requirements.

First of all, please let us know your request.

‚ ‚ç‚ä‚é—v–]‚ð‚¨•·‚©‚¹‚­‚¾‚³‚¢IIt doesn't matter if the request is a very detailed or small matter. First of all, let's have a general discussion to materialize a machine that will meet the customer's demands. Even if optional devices are installed on the machine, it may not become an ideal machine. By adding customization to the machine to match the processing demand, an ideal machine with high production capacity can be offered. We ever consider "What customization is necessary?" while designing and making the machine.

Effective functionability

Žg—pŠÂ‹«‚ð‘z’肵‚È‚ª‚ç Although the machine has high performance, it will not improve the production efficiency unless it suits to the operating environment. We will try to establish the best system while adopting the customer's desire and our customization.

Improved maintainability

—D‚ꂽƒƒ“ƒeƒiƒ“ƒX«‚ðŠm•ÛEnriched functions in a small machine tends to decrease maintainability and complicate device installation. In order to design a machine for easy maintenance, the machine will be designed cooperatively and thoroughly by the Service Department.

Confirmation by the design engineer in charge of the product

To enable the machine to suit customer demand, the design engineer in charge confirms machine finish and directs improvement on the production site. Doing so fulfills demands by the customer which cannot materialize via drawings alone.


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