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HASEGAWA was established in Sugamo, Toshima Ward in 1928. We started manufacturing small lathes and presently are manufacturing many types of precision machine tools specializing in small and micro dimensions. Here we introduce our manufacturing policy as one of the few companies specializing in small and micro machine tools.

Sticking to miniaturization

¬Œ^‰»‚Ö‚Ì‚±‚¾‚í‚èOur company not only develops and manufactures NC lathes and Machining center but also customizes standard machines. Customer requested installations and customizations earn us special praise among customers in various fields. Our customizing policy is to promote small machine tool use for small parts processing.

Our small machine tool manufacturing policy is that a small machine tool gives advantage in processing small work in respect of energy consumption and operating efficiency. That is indicated by the demand for compact machine tools and our products being delivered to wide ranging fields from various parts processing companies to major electric and automobile companies.

We began small machine tool manufacturing considering latent demand.

Opportunities for dramatic miniaturization development were given by IT related companies.
"Is it possible to make a NC lathe in 300x300mm dimensions?" Before the above question was asked of us, the narrowest width we had proposed was 700mm. On hearing this proposal, most manufacturers would have thrown in the towel. Even though it was possible to manufacture 300x300mm, we had no idea how to market it because large size machine tools were still main stream at that time. However, we developed a small machine believing in latent demand for miniaturization. Lathe width was reduced to 550mm with 0.1µm accuracy (the standard smallest lathe width was 1,500mm at that time). We reduce NC lathe width to almost one-third.

Even if the customer needs a special machine required by few other users, we will endeavor to manufacture it.

Our aforementioned policy bore fruit at JIMTOF (Japanese International Machine Tool Trade Fair) in October, 2000. Visitors surged to our exhibited P15. The unexpectedly largest response was from the automotive industries, where we had never delivered till then. Thereafter, the NC lathe P12 that has narrower width was also added to the lineup, and soon small machine manufacture increased to more than half of our sales. Traditional planing skills applied craftsmanship

Traditional planing skills applied craftsmanship


?The reason we try to answer difficult requests from the customers is that there tends be an advantage to both customer and ourselves when we resolve a difficult problem.

Machining to plane a machine tool surface is true craftwork. Surface planing by grinder requires less than 1µm error. Greater planing can be achieved by our craftsmanship. The operator carefully planes the metal surface using special tools prepared by him/herself. All of our machines receive this hand finished work. This skill is transferred to each generation in our company. If this kind of basic skill is not maintained, the high performance machine cannot continue to be manufactured. Maintaining craftsmanship will result in production of higher precision machines.

Šî‘b‚ª‚¢‚«‚é“`“‚̐El‹ZA‚«‚³‚°ì‹ÆHalf-finished unsatisfactory work does not bear fruit. Thoroughgoing effort is required. The belief of HASEGAWA in succeeding with young engineers is a fundamental for manufacturing miniaturized and customized products.


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