Let us explain the past history to the present timeframe of HASEGAWA MACHINE WORKS LTD

Corporate history

  • May 1928
    Founded by Wataru Hasegawa as an individual in Sugamo, Toshima Ward. Manufactured "4-inch type lathe"
  • December 1934
    Established a new factory in Ikebukuro, Toshima Ward. Manufactured a 28-inch US-type lathe.
  • May 1941
    Manufactured "universal milling machine"
  • April 1945
    Ikebukuro factory closed due to war.
  • July 1951
    Established a new factory in Kumano-cho, Itabashi-ku, and resumed manufacturing machine tools. Building a reputation as a machine tool manufacturer
  • May 1959
    Established the Omiya factory (current head office) to increase production for the optical industry.
  • April 1961
    Established HASEGAWA MACHINE WORKS LTD with Noboru Hasegawa appointed as president
  • June 1961
    Released the high-speed precision milling machine "HPF type" with a unique new mechanism.
  • October 1963
    Started mass production of precision lathe "WHN type". Released the "HL type" swivel high-speed threading machine.
  • August 1973
    Established Shirakawa Factory in Nishigo Village, Fukushima Prefecture.
  • February 1976
    Moved head office to Omiya factory
  • October 1978
    Started mass production of NC lathes and announced the precision NC lathe "HNC-35".
  • October 1980
    Announced precision machining center "HMC-V1"
  • April 1985
    Isamu Hasegawa appointed president
  • July 1990
    Construction of a new assembly plant within the Shirakawa Plant
  • January 1994
    Announced the precision NC lathe "J24" that faithfully reproduces the basics of lathe technology.
  • May 1995
    Toru Hasegawa appointed president
  • October 2000
    Announced new concept ultra-compact NC lathe "P15" at JIMTOF
  • October 2005
    Opened Nagoya Sales Office in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture for sales maintenance in the Chubu region.
  • June 2010
    Ultra-compact milling center PM150/250 announced
  • May 2012
    Established Hasegawa Machine(Zhejiang)Co.,Ltd, a local subsidiary in China (succeeded by Hasegawa Machine(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd in June 2015)
  • June 2015
    Established Hasegawa Machine(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd, a local subsidiary in China (succeeded Hasegawa Machine(Zhejiang)Co.,Ltd)
  • October 2015
    Announced small precision CNC turret lathe C25/42 at Mechatronics Tech Japan 2015
  • July 2017
    Established Zhejiang Hasegawa Machine Co.,Ltd, a local subsidiary in China

Our history

The founder, Wataru Hasegawa, admired his father (Chief Engineer of the Naval Arsenal), who passed away when he was a child, and dreamed of becoming an excellent mechanical engineer like his father someday. After becoming a mechanical engineer, he began to think, ``I want to create a machine tool of my own design someday.''
Since starting business in Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo in May 1928, we have worked hard to manufacture small lathes, and in 1934 we established the Ikebukuro Factory. At that time, while there were many companies involved in manufacturing medium/large machine tools, our company continued to manufacture only small machine tools. The reason we were only working on small machines was because we were convinced that small machine tools were essential for high-precision machining of small parts.

After the war, business resumed in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, and as the economic recovery progressed, many orders came from the optical industry. At that time, the optical industry was dealing with state-of-the-art precision parts comparable to watch parts, and high-precision machines were also required of our company.
In response, as a result of constantly providing products that meet the needs of users, requests for our company increased, so we built a new factory (current headquarters) in Omiya City, Saitama Prefecture.
During the high economic growth period, we started developing and manufacturing small lathes and milling machines that applied basic technology, and proposed processing methods to improve production efficiency. Machines such as vertical and horizontal combined milling machines and threading machines were announced during this period.

Since then, NC lathes have become commonplace and machine styles have become uniform.
In 2000, we created the P15, an ultra-compact precision NC lathe that was one-third the size of our previous machine.

Scenery of the production site at that time

machine history

We have developed and manufactured many machine tools, from the WH type 28-inch lathe to the WHN series, HPF series, and the latest machines.

and from now on

In order to continue to deliver world-class small NC lathes and small machining centers, All employees work together to improve their skills.
"Environment, Society, Economy" We are working on sustainability management,
We will continue to strive to realize a sustainable society by manufacturing attractive and excellent machines.