The concept and thoughts of Hasegawa Machine Works



HASEGAWA's machine tools are more than just space saving

Our company manufactures machine tools such as small NC lathes and small machining centers based on the corporate concept of "big is not small". We are working day and night to develop and manufacture small machine tools that are more compact, faster and more precise. Our mission is to contribute to the improvement of our customers' production with proposals that can only be made by our company, which has been in business for over 90 years.

"Small" x "Lathe/Machining"
A manufacturer with both lineups

One of the features of HASEGAWA MACHINE WORKS LTD is that it has a lineup of machining centers as well as small NC lathes.
"Trust" and "Technology" cultivated while responding to various needs of customers.
Based on the manufacturing of machine tools, we will continue to do our best to solve the problems of our customers, such as automation and the design and manufacture of processing lines.

High-quality manufacturing - 100% in-house production of key devices -

HASEGAWA quality protected by "technology" and "people"

The "spindle" is the heart of the machine tool. HASEGAWA MACHINE WORKS LTD manufactures these key devices in-house.
By concentrating our expertise and experience in manufacturing key devices, we are able to manufacture high-quality machine tools. In addition, our highly skilled technicians do everything in-house like the "scraping process" that affects the accuracy of several microns.
The HASEGAWA brand is a machine tool that can continue to produce high-precision products over the long term.