Customer service

HASEGAWA is a machine tool manufacturer that consistently has manufactured high precise NC lathes, Turning centers, and Machining centers.
When you need spare parts or after service for our machines, please use this form as below for inquiring. Please fill up Model, serial number, and purchasing date on your machine in the form.

If your machine was bought by second-hand, you need to register your applicable machine on our list before you take after service. from us. Please contact by inquiry form in this case.

by Telefax

Please fax the above fax number clearly showing your name, contact information and contents of the inquiry.
After confirming your fax, we will contact you promptly.

by Internet

Please click the [Confirm the content] button after filling in necessary items on the form.
The screen will advance to the confirmation screen. After confirming the content, please click the[SEND MAIL]button.
A replay e-mail will be automatically transmitted to your e-mail address. If the replay mail does not arrive in several hours, please inquire again by call or fax.

The boxes signed by*are data entry requiring items.

Region * example: JAPAN
Name * example: Turnny HASEGAWA (Mr.)
Company Name *
example: HASEGAWA LATHE Ltd..
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Address *
Phone example: +81- (0)48-683-5061
Telefax* example: +81- (0)48-685-6823
E-MAIL * example:
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Model *
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Prod. Date example: JAN.2009

Management of Private Information

Collected information is to be used only to answer inquiry and related business, and not for any other purpose. Please see our privacy policy in detail.